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Mission Statement

A New Paradigm

At 2020 Vision Productions we believe that Peace on Earth is the ultimate mission. We recognize that Peace on this planet has been framed by many, especially those considered “elites,” as a difficult thing to achieve. Given the state of the World after the 2020 Reset, the idea of Peace seems unfathomable, absolutely impossible. However, this is the grandest deception of the Old Paradigm, which no longer serves purpose, nor deserves any place or authority on this planet. Peace is one of the simplest things to attain. We must simply choose it. We choose our destiny. We drive the Market. WE outnumber the few, and truly only a few desire to agitate and neglect the idea of Peace. PEACE IS INEVITABLE. PEACE is required by the Order of Light, and so Peace is proclaimed by the grace of the Universe in the name of God. We at 2020 Vision charge ourselves with the directive of freeing the minds of The People of Earth. We aim to expand the consciousness of all individuals, and in aggregate, the collective consciousness of the Globe. It is our mission to provide ease of access to any and all needs of The People in relation to their enhancement as a human on this planet physically, mentally, and spiritually. We are Visionaries, Creators, Producers, Pioneers, Renegades, Adventurers, Seekers of Knowledge, Lovers of the Universe. We strongly believe that the 2020 Vision Brand, and its members, are ordained by God to produce content and products that will only benefit mankind, for the sake of mankind, for the sake of the Earth, and for the sake of the entire Universe. The Golden Age has begun, Light prevails, Truth prevails, The People shall prevail. It is God’s Will. Join us or support our brand so that we may spread Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect to all corners of the Globe. Help us bring ‘GOOD VIBES ONLY’ like a Tsunami of Energy upon the World.

Stay Blessed Forever
Love, Light, & Infinite Blessings,

Sammy Mendoza
Owner, Artist, Economist

Our Truth

What sets us apart?

The extreme censorship of today is unrivaled. Mainstream media and social networks are being used to keep the masses in a state of willful slavery through illusion. The level of illusion is so great that it is nearly impossible to tell what is Truth and what is not. The institutionalized media funnel that currently exists is immensely powerful, but its power lies in the continued attention of The People. The “media funnel” disseminates information from the top of a pyramid of media hegemony that bears total control on the information that the masses absorb. All information disseminated comes with restrictions, directives, and ulterior motives, which are then executed by local news broadcasters. This creates a vicious cycle for viewers. Viewers will watch national media broadcasts, then their local media broadcasts, only to be fed the same narrative as is intended by the hegemons.

As we continue to move into the New Paradigm, and more and more people are awakened, there will be a natural desire to seek Truth media. This institutes an information vacuum. A new narrative must be instituted. The “Good News Network” must be established. One of the key functions of humankind is manifestation. We manifest our reality. As we merge our individual manifestations of reality into the collective consciousness as a whole, we drive the manifestation of human reality on Earth. For millennia, the masses have been unknowingly influenced by the mainstream to manifest degenerative realities. The mainstream tool has been used by elites to manifest war, poverty, drug addiction, divisiveness, hate, fear, ignorance, and so much more. The saying, “Where your focus goes, your energy flows,” here bears immense significance. The entire collective conscious has been solely focused on what “They” have wanted us to focus on, and in doing so, the energy of the collective has gone on to create a decrepit reality of suffering. For example, the Old Paradigm is filled with influential figures that have only served to ruin our youth. Young men and women are given examples of what they should be like when they grow up. A majority of the time, these influencers live degenerate lifestyles, full of promiscuity, greed, materialism, drugs, etc. A majority of them have tattered relationships ruined by their stardom. In general, it is relatively known that these people are not living their best lives, only an illusion of such, which is then served to all their followers who wish to emulate them. They lack grounding, balance, spirituality, and many other qualities that must be influencing the collective instead.

When the masses become aware of the irrelevance of the information served on the mainstream, its evil nature, and its historic degradation of society, there will come a need to access information that holds integrity. This media dissemination must be focused on the informational needs of localities, counties, or “bioregions,” first, then working its way outwards into national relevancy. The establishment of partner “bioregions” will create a new network of information dissemination. Each “bioregion” will have the ability to share information from other independent regions that they deem relevant. Naturally, salient information will gain significance as bioregions share and air content. The establishment of each independent bioregional information hub must not be taken lightly in order to maintain the integrity of the system as a whole. Those who wish to establish their relationship with the network must be vetted. A vetting process must be established to discern intentions, qualifications, legitimacy, and efficacy. It will be imperative to curate all content that is platformed and distributed. The name of the game will be no censorship, but we will not platform “rubbish” content that will only degrade the integrity of the platform and negate its purpose. For example, YouTube, the structure of YouTube has made it possible for degenerate content to receive massive amounts of attention, despite its low value nature.

In essence we intend to nurture a culture. The mission is to drive the collective consciousness to manifest a reality that serves the higher purpose of humankind through Truth, Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. The key in the success of this platform will be in the dissolution of the ego and the integration of information that serves the greater good. This means that all involved must put their differences aside and incorporate ideologies and cultures that they may have previously rejected. There is no such thing as “Left” or “Right” anymore, there is only ONE. We are One and the interests of humankind will not be served with divisiveness. There is an abundantly clear line between Good and Evil, and there is no room for compromise. As the integrity of media and social networking has been compromised, there is no room left to compromise with anything that does not serve humankind, Pachamama, and the Universe.

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