Davis Vanguard Defamation

This publication framed us as hateful bigots for simply expressing our opinions and observations. The CEO of the Davis Vanguard, David Greenwald, was actively defending this article, even while he himself had not seen the video in question. We had continuously stressed that all misconceptions could be alleviated by simply watching our first podcast episode, “California Here We Go,” yet it is apparent that the brainwashed mind is far too fragile and unable to dive more in depth on any subject. Good thing I had decided to leave my job at Comcast NBC Universal prior to starting 2020 Vision, otherwise they would have most likely cancelled me after finding this twisted excuse for journalism. These “journalists” even went as far as altering and removing comments that we added to defend ourselves and our reputations. (We have evidence). This is a classic example of mob mentality and cancel culture. Ignorant, sad, and disrespectful.

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