In Dedication to God, the Almighty Universe

Art Is An Expression of God through Self

Illuminate, The Violet Flame

$ 5,555,555.55

36×24 Oil on canvas with 24k gold

This piece is for sale at the amount listed above. All proceeds from the sale of this work will go directly into funding the vision outlined by The Sammy Mendoza Foundation for 5th Dimensional Healing and Psychedelic Integration. This piece is a dedication to God, the Almighty Universe. All that was, is and forever shall be.

Any donation $100+ will receive a 36×24 print of this painting + a virtual stamp on which will act as a poster board for any individual, organization, business, artist, etc. to represent their support of this movement and the SMF vision. Slots are determined by pixel. For example, a $100 donation will get a 100×100 pixel slot to post any image, logo, brand, etc. A $200 donation will receive a 200×200 pixel slot, and so on. Slots will be determined by the size of the donation and sorted accordingly. The largest donations shall be accommodated to the top of the page with all other donations following down the page, infinitely.

The poster board shall be utilized as digital history for the Psychedelic Renaissance. Funding received from this campaign shall go directly to the SMF. A particular project in focus with is to fund “Good Vibes Only” a revolutionary festival that is focused on 5th dimensional healing, the psychedelic renaissance, Art, Earth and Liberty.

To purchase this painting contact us via email to discuss the details of transfer.





The Violet Flame

Almighty I AM, I AM in Me

I AM in thee, thy self in Me

Thy victory’s mine, thy hope divine

God seals all in His love sublime.

Almighty I AM, Almighty I AM, Almighty I AM.