Mission Statement


A New Paradigm

At 2020 Vision Productions we believe that Peace on Earth is the ultimate mission. We recognize that Peace on this planet has been framed by many, especially those considered “elites,” as a difficult thing to achieve. Given the state of the World after the 2020 Reset, the idea of Peace seems unfathomable, absolutely impossible. However, this is the grandest deception of the Old Paradigm, which no longer serves purpose, nor deserves any place or authority on this planet. Peace is one of the simplest things to attain. We must simply choose it. We choose our destiny. We drive the Market. WE outnumber the few, and truly only a few desire to agitate and neglect the idea of Peace. PEACE IS INEVITIBLE. PEACE is required by the Order of Light, and so Peace is proclaimed by the grace of the Universe in the name of God. We at 2020 Vision charge ourselves with the directive of freeing the minds of The People of Earth. We aim to expand the consciousness of all individuals, and in aggregate, the collective consciousness of the Globe. It is our mission to provide ease of access to any and all needs of The People in relation to their enhancement as a human on this planet physically, mentally, and spiritually. We are Visionaries, Creators, Producers, Pioneers, Renegades, Adventurers, Seekers of Knowledge, Lovers of the Universe. We strongly believe that the 2020 Vision Brand, and its members, are ordained by God to produce content and products that will only benefit mankind, for the sake of mankind, for the sake of the Earth, and for the sake of the entire Universe. The Golden Age has begun, Light prevails, Truth prevails, The People shall prevail. It is God’s Will. Join us or support our brand so that we may spread Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect to all corners of the Globe. Help us bring ‘GOOD VIBES ONLY’ like a Tsunami of Energy upon the World.

Stay Blessed Forever

Love, Light, & Infinite Blessings,

Sammy Mendoza

Owner, Artist, Economist