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Illuminate, The Violet Flame

Illuminate, The Violet Flame

This painting is dedicated to God, the Almighty & Magnificent Universe.

Over a year ago on December 31st, 2019, my spiritual journey entered the slipstream. This pivotal moment in my life unlocked a curious desire within me to paint. Prior to the New Year I had only completed a couple of mediocre paintings on small 12×12 canvases. My novice nature was clear, and to tell you the Truth, I was painting to get over a heartbreak. After the New Year, my talent as an artist changed drastically and is evident in the distinction between the paintings I had completed prior to the New Year and all those that have come after. The progress was exponential, to the point where others were in disbelief that I had just started painting in 2019. The monumental event that changed my life forever was rooted in psychedelics. Throughout my life I have experimented with psychedelics, but this event completely shifted my perspective. All that I once knew and understood about mySelf, God, my relationships, “reality,” it was all changed. Nothing was ever the same since. As I’ve told many, this event was like an activation. The timing of this occurrence was impeccable and too perfect to call a mere coincidence. Afterall, I don’t believe in coincidences.

On New Years Eve I attended a festival called Countdown NYE in San Bernardino, Ca. I went with a best friend of mine, a few of my cousins and some of their friends. Before entering the festival my friend and I had decided that we would be taking an LSD Trip to cruise on into 2020. I had absolutely no idea as to what the night had in store for me. As my Trip began to accelerate, I remember a powerful moment that triggered the rest of my journey that night. I was in the middle of a crowd at a performance by the artist Gryffin. I remember feeling heavy, empty, and sad. A few months prior to this I had lost a relationship that I held very dear to my heart, so I was still recovering from all that comes with heartbreak. However, there was a moment that illuminated my mind, my heart, and my soul. The song, “All You Need To Know,” was playing. All of a sudden, a rush of warmth enveloped me. I then put my hands up to the sky and began to bawl my eyes out. These were not tears of sadness, but tears of magnificent ecstasy. I felt as though all my burdens had been taken from me. All was forgiven. I felt an intoxicating feeling that can only be described as Unconditional Love. I looked over at my friend with tears in my eyes. I looked him directly in the eyes and told him, “God is here.” After this moment, the rest of my journey continued to unfold. Later that night I was separated from everyone in my group. This part of my journey was meant to be taken alone, as I understood to be as it was intended. At a certain point, I was in the middle of a crowd on my own (which I occasionally do at festivals and I always have the time of my life lol). In the midst of this crowd, deep in my Trip, I remember having a major feeling of dissatisfaction. I began to observe my surroundings as my awareness reached maximum levels of acuity. All of a sudden, I looked at those around me and realized that they were observing me, following my lead. When a song really resonated with me, I would dance my life away, yet when something came on that I didn’t like, I stopped. Those around me followed suit. This wasn’t merely a suspicion, but an active observation. It was as though they were looking to me to set an example as to what was “cool” or not. This is where I came to use the term “drones.” I began using this term when I realized that there are many souls that are unable to discern things for themselves, nor allow themselves the ability to express themselves. They look to others for direction at all times and do so in order to fall in line with social constructs and hierarchies. I use this term not to criticize, but to describe observable programmed behavior. I began to feel out of place in the crowd, as though I didn’t belong in the there, but belonged elsewhere. I then heard my mind speak, saying that my time in the crowd has come to an end. Larger things await me on the horizon. I grew tired of this and began to walk out of the crowd. I then remember saying this distinctly as I exited to crowd, “I’m tired of this simulation.”

I then wandered around the festival grounds going wherever my curiosity took me. I then entered a building that was labeled as “Area 51.” This building was strange. It was dim lit, an open hall with a DJ playing off in the back end of the building. The music wasn’t too loud since it wasn’t a stage, but it was in the ambiance. There was a few food booths and some Art installations that really made this place feel like Area 51. Then, I came upon the wall. Here, two painters, a man and his wife, were painting a piece that completely captured my attention. I went over to them, sat down, and observed. I was mesmerized by this painting, and its message I understood immediately. It resonated with me on a deep intimate level. I personally felt as though it illustrated mySelf as I walk on this planet. An alien amongst humans. Throughout my entire life I’ve felt this way, and for a long time it was the cause of massive loneliness. I have always felt like an anomaly, and my ability to relate with others was difficult. I remember telling my ex-girlfriend that I have always felt lonely throughout my life since I have yet to find others that share my vision. I’ve always seen the world differently. Even from a young age I was told that I was brilliant, mature beyond my years. However, from my perspective, I viewed everyone equally. I thought that the knowledge and wisdom that I naturally possessed was shared amongst everyone else. I considered many things Common Sense, only to find that things which I consider simple or obvious, to be difficult and complicated for others. Over my youth this caused frustration. I couldn’t understand why things that I considered obvious, to be so trivial to others. It has been a recurring theme throughout my life and continues to the present day. Although, I am now at peace with my circumstance. I understand who I am and acknowledge the gifts and responsibilities that have been ordained upon me by the Universe.

So I sat there observing the painters. Completely immersed in the event, I sat there for what felt like hours. A time distortion via my perception of time. I watched the male painter, and I felt connected to him. I could feel his emotions as he stroked his canvas. I was ever-present and aware, deep in fascination. I felt the rush of completing the most difficult strokes. The adrenaline during, and the calm satisfaction after. It was marvelous. I thought that I could sit there all night as they completed this work, but then the music began to draw me away.

After what felt like hours, I began to walk the grounds again. The event was themed “Alien Invasion,” and the entire festival grounds were decorated accordingly. As I wandered around, I came upon a man-made pond on the grounds. I looked around in observance. I felt as though I was in a different dimension. I felt as though I was observing something from my past, or something that is yet to come in the future. In this lake I saw trash throughout. I looked around at the décor and it gave everything an artificial, metallic feel. I immediately felt disgusted, saddened. I felt as though I was being shown an example of what has happened to another place/planet, or that I was being shown what will happen on this planet if respect for our planet is not honored. I was in a barren wasteland. Dystopia. It was like a scene out of the Matrix. I understood the message loud and clear. I was then overwhelmed with sadness. All I could think was, “I see what has occurred or what is yet to come, and this is far from where we need to be.” I then got on my knees and began to cry once again. What I was being shown was an example of the destruction of everything I Love. This magnificent planet and all the life that it carries, squandered. I sobbed, and I then remember saying how much I missed my friends. At that point all I wanted was to be with my friends again. However, the Universe wasn’t done with me yet. I then left the lake and continued to walk the grounds. I came upon a large tree and went over to touch it. The moment I put my hand on the tree I felt a rush of fresh air come over me. A feeling of peace and serenity, another message heard loud and clear.

Once again, I was being drawn to “Area 51.” This time I walked in and went directly to where the DJ was playing. I was dancing and having an amazing time, then something strange happened. For some reason I began to sense a connection to the DJ. It was almost as though the DJ knew when I was pleased with his song choice and when I wasn’t. I was right in the front, and the DJ and I were in each other’s line of sight. I then started to think about this odd connection. Then it got even stranger. The DJ began communicating with me through the music. How do I know this? Well. In my past I’ve done things that I am not proud of. One of those things is the use of cocaine. I had a small cocaine phase, and it was leading me down a destructive path. For this specific subject, the DJ was playing the song “Addiction,” by Malaa. Great song, you should give it a listen. However, as he played this song, I saw the expression on his face, and it was one of disappointment. I immediately understood. This continued throughout his set. I felt as though I was being given a constructive lecture by the DJ through the music. As this went on, I began to think more and more. How can this DJ, whom I’ve never met, or even known, know me on such a personal level? How is it possible that we are communicating through the music and our thoughts? Then, in my mind I asked, “who are you?” and then I realized and said… “you’re me.” It felt natural, it felt right, as though I have always known this person and did. As this thought inside left my mind, I looked at the DJ as he nodded at me in confirmation, and again there was a feeling of calm, warm realization. The idea of self-actualization comes to mind. His set then came to an end. He took off his headphones and disappeared into the darkness of backstage. I had no idea what I had just experienced, but it was powerful. If I was the DJ and the DJ was me, was I experiencing mySelf in the future? Or the past? An alternate dimension? The entire experience as a whole was a quandary. I don’t know and I couldn’t tell you. All I know is that whatever that experience was, I needed it.

I then left “Area 51.” It was nearing time for the countdown into 2020 and I needed to find my friends. Like clockwork, I found my best friend roaming around looking for me as well. I couldn’t quite find my cousins and their friends, but I know that they were where they needed to be and were having a great time. My friend and I then made our way over to the mainstage for the NYE countdown. We made our way as best we could into the thick crowd of people. The countdown had begun, and everyone began cheering and counting along. 10…9…8… All I could think about is everything that I had just experienced. My experience throughout the night had left me quite numb and emotionally exhausted. 7…6…5… I remember looking around at all the people wishing that I could tell them about all the things I have been shown. 4…3…2…1. Happy New Year Humans. Welcome to 2020. Things will never be the same for me and little did I know that the same would be true for the rest of the world. Everyone cheered and applauded, but for some reason I was left unsettled, as though I was given a secret that all around me were unaware of. This is where my journey of ascension accelerated exponentially.

Everything changed for me from this moment on. I was no longer the same person. Over 2020 I began to become more like my true Self, the person that I was always meant to be. It all began here. On an LSD Trip at a festival on New Year’s Eve in San Bernardino. The changes were drastic and highly apparent to all my friends, family, and acquaintances. The person that I am today is nearly incomparable to the person I was over a year ago. The growth has been exponential, and I have fully surrendered to the Will of the Universe. This event was only the beginning and the mystical experiences that followed throughout 2020 can be compared to something from a storybook. There is only one explanation for this and that is the Will of God. My relationship with the Universe has been fortified like it has never been before. I can say proudly that I love God and God loves me. He watches over me and walks where I do. No matter where I go and what I do, I know that I am Divinely protected. I have Faith, and my Faith is uncompromisable. Because of this, I dedicate this painting to God. It is only by the grace of God that I can carry on living the life that I do. It is only by the grace of God that I can create as I do. I know that without God, I would be far from where I am meant to be, and why would I want to do that when I could be living my best life as is intended by the Universe. This painting encompasses the Flame of Unconditional Love that envelops the entire Universe. The Violet Flame. It is an illustration of the energy that is illuminating the minds of the masses. It is illuminating the collective conscious as we shift from the Old Paradigm to the New. It is illuminating the darkness that has enveloped this Ruling Planet, Earth, for a tragically unpleasant amount of time. The Mother, Pachamama has been disrespected for far too long, and now, Redemption has arrived. The Great Awakening is here, and this painting is borne to commemorate the glorious event that is upon us. The Divine Right to Thrive in ecstasy is required. No exceptions. I view painting as a Divine Act. The Universe works through me to share that which is unseen. A message from God, through me, to you. Big love.

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