Why do I need a Psychedelic Coach?

A Psychedelic Coach is important since there are so many who have either never entered the psychedelic space, or who have entered the space without the correct intentions or conditions to make the experience valuable. A lot of the time, those that enter the psychedelic space are unable to make sense of their experience after the fact, nor are they aware of how to integrate the experience into their daily life and into the long term.

For those that are looking to have an experience for the first time, it is highly important to have a coach to guide you through the preparation, the experience, and then the post-experience. A great way to characterize this is by realizing that this path is a path that you have never walked down before. Wouldn't it make the most sense to have a guide walk down that path with you? A guide has walked down the path many times, has learned many lessons, and is always prepared for whatever may come on the path! No person would hike up Mt. Everest without a guide, and the same goes for the psychedelic space.

As for those that have entered the space before. A coach may be a valuable option for you if you are seeking to dive deep into the experience while ensuring you are taken care of. It is also a great option if you decide that you would like to enter the space in an intentional manner that is focused on healing and growth. Most of the time, people tend to enter the space in a recreational manner, which is definitely okay, but a majority of the time the experience remains just an experience. This is why integration post-experience is so important. Psychedelic trips are highly stimulating and akin to a massive software update. Because of this, it is highly useful to unwrap the experience with those who understand and resonate with your experience. This in effect provides grounding and insight to ensure the most is gained from the experience and into the future.

About MySelf:

My name is Sammy and I have entered the psychedelic space various times through different mediums. My first experience with psychedelics was with 100 micrograms of LSD. This experience changed my life forever. My purview on life shifted, the veil was removed from my eyes, and I was introduced into a state of mind where anything is possible. This experience guided me to reflect on mySelf, my life, and my place in the world. Nothing was ever the same, and from then on, I continued to experiment with psychedelics while teaching others about their ability to awaken and heal. When I look back at points in my life where I was going through difficult situations like, depression, addiction, anxiety, it was always an experience with psychedelics that helped me transform mySelf. However, it is important to add that psychedelics are highly powerful medicines with the ability to cure the mind and soul, but treatment goes beyond simply consuming the psychedelic and having the experience. There is a lot of work involved in making yourSelf the best you. With that said, psychedelics can and will change your life. It is an experience of a lifetime and I recommend it to nearly all who ask me for insight. After years of experience with psychedelics, I began to realize a passion and a niche for the world of psychedelics. I realized that these experiences were so pivotal in my life that I wanted to share the same with as many others as possible. I think of all the times I entered the psychedelic space without any guidance and think about how wonderful it would have been to have a coach right there with me before, during, and after the experience. There's nothing like feeling taken care of, especially when you are entering a life changing event. My mission is to accomplish radiant health of the mind, body, and spirit, and so it is my mission to help you do the same!!! We are all One family on Earth, and we deserve to thrive!

What's the deal?

Here's the deal...

  • This coaching is for people who are seeking to grow, people that seek to expand their consciousness to reach new heights in awareness of the Self, God, and the infinite knowledge and wisdom the permeates the grand expanse of the universe and beyond.
  • Just like going to see a therapist, a relationship is built with your coach and confidentiality is held with highest regard. This is a professional relationship always guided with love and support.
  • The world is currently suffering from mass unrest throughout the collective conscious and now more than ever it is important to detach from it all and take care of yourSelf as an individual. There are many suffering from delusions, depression, anxiety, demonic possession, and more. Psychedelics and proper guidance can treat these issues and help you restart your life. Just like a system reboot with a software update.
  • As I am touting these treatments, I must make it clear that psychedelics are not a cure-all and nothing is ever guaranteed, however, it is highly likely that these treatments will have majorly beneficial affects to any who participate under the proper conditions and guidance.
  • The fact of the matter is that psychedelics have been demonized. There is no way possible for you to overdose or die from psychedelics, nor is it possible to become addicted to these treatments. Most of the time the psychedelic experience is so powerful that one will not venture back into the space for some time.
  • There's really nothing to be scared of when it comes to psychedelics. With the right preparation, education, dose, and support, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Sure, there's always the possibility of a bad trip, but as I like to say, a bad trip is usually your inability to allow the ego dissolve. Another aspect of a bad trip is that the medicine has some lessons to teach you, and some of these lessons are painful. However, there is no need to worry! You are well taken care of, and you definitely won't die or anything of the sort.
  • Break free from the mundanity of the world. Life is short, make the most of it.

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Session Menu

Indoor Guided Experience

Office Visit
  • Guided Session — $300
    • 1 hour preparation visit
    • 8-12 hours of guidance

Outdoor Guided Experience

Pricing is dependent on location of choice
  • 1 day guided trip — $450
    • 8-12 hours of guidance
    • Ceremony, Session
    • +$250 per additional voyager
    • +$50/ea. Includes lunch and snacks
  • 2 day, 1 night camping trip — $1,000
    • Full 2 day guidance
    • Preparation, Ceremony, Session
    • +$450 per additional voyager, up to 6 total
    • +$100/ea. Includes lunch, dinner, breakfast, and snacks
    • Includes a guided tour of area
  • 3 day, 2 night excursion — $1,600
    • Full 3 day guidance
    • Preparation, Ceremony, Session, Integration
    • +$600 per additional voyager, up to 6 total
    • +$150/ea. Includes meals and snacks
    • Includes a guided tour of area

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More Info

Preparation Sessions
  • These sessions are required in order to maximize the intentionality and overall success of the experience. It is important to go into an experience with the utmost knowledgeability and understanding of what is to come and what to expect!
  • It is only required to have at least 1 preparation session, but if you would like to prepare further with additional sessions, please request.
  • These sessions can either be in person or video conference.

Integration Sessions
  • These sessions are highly recommended, but not required.
  • Integration post-experience is majorly important to ensure that every individual is able to make sense of what was experienced, ask any questions, discuss new forms of thinking, create and solidify new habits, and resolve any possible issues.
  • Integration sessions are $60 / hour.

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