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Our mission is to optimize human performance, capacity, and potential. We are here to help you break the chains of the mundane forever. The human design is capable of supreme levels of mental and physical performance, but societal influences have continuously suppressed these marvelous gifts. Societal elitism has persistently stunted human potential since their power thrives amongst a population that is unaware of how to harness their abilities. You are much more powerful than you have been led to believe, and your life can be far more exciting than it currently is. Your age does not matter. Your circumstance does not matter. Anything is possible when you unlock your full human potential. Psychedelics are a phenomenal tool granted to us by God, through the Mother, Earth. Today, the Psychedelic Renaissance is in full swing and curiosity behind these magical medicines is peaking throughout our society. These medicines have the ability to heal some of the harshest psychological maladies which have been treated by harmful synthetic therapies and methods that only cause more damage to the mind, body, and spirit. It is no longer necessary to damage oneself in seeking healing. Psychedelics are more and more being accepted as the ideal treatment for psychological maladies such as anxiety, depression, addiction and much more.

Not only are these medicines ideal in treating psychological maladies, but they are capable of heightening your physical performance. As we age, we are convinced that our bodies deteriorate. Although aging does have an impact on your overall performance, it is important to realize that your body is fully capable of healing itself and maintaining a youthful prowess. The consumption of psychedelic medicines illuminates this potential. Reach new heights in your physical nature or reach heights that you once experienced in your youth, yes, it is possible. Another notable benefit of psychedelics is a spur in libido. For men and women alike, the use of psychedelics can completely invigorate your love life. This is the magic of psychedelics.

On top of overall physicality, psychedelics stoke your creative mind. The mundanity of the world has a knack for stifling creativity and crushing dreams. However, psychedelics remove blocks from your imagination. All of a sudden all that once seemed impossible, becomes more than possible. Psychedelics stimulate your mental and psychic capacity to explore parts of your mind that you once were unaware of. Many people convince themselves that they are not creative in any way, shape, or form. This is a lie! We are all powerful creators, capable of astonishing feats. All we have to do is realize the magic within us. Your mind is a conduit for divine creativity and psychedelics guide you to discover this infinite abundance of creative vigor.

Is your interest piqued? I'm sure it is! Join us to optimize your human potential. It is time that we as a species take the next step in our evolution and that is the evolution of consciousness. These medicines essentially provide you with a software update, with a full mental reboot. To read more about the psychedelic experience, click here. If you would like to schedule a consultation:

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Session Menu

Indoor Guided Experience

Office Visit
  • Guided Session — $300
    • 1 hour preparation visit
    • 8-12 hours of guidance

Outdoor Guided Experience

Pricing is dependent on location of choice
  • 1 day guided trip — $450
    • 8-12 hours of guidance
    • Ceremony, Session
    • +$250 per additional voyager
    • +$50/ea. Includes lunch and snacks
  • 2 day, 1 night camping trip — $1,000
    • Full 2 day guidance
    • Preparation, Ceremony, Session
    • +$450 per additional voyager, up to 6 total
    • +$100/ea. Includes lunch, dinner, breakfast, and snacks
    • Includes a guided tour of area
  • 3 day, 2 night excursion — $1,600
    • Full 3 day guidance
    • Preparation, Ceremony, Session, Integration
    • +$600 per additional voyager, up to 6 total
    • +$150/ea. Includes meals and snacks
    • Includes a guided tour of area

Ask about our student discount!

More Info

Preparation Sessions
  • These sessions are required in order to maximize the intentionality and overall success of the experience. It is important to go into an experience with the utmost knowledgeability and understanding of what is to come and what to expect!
  • It is only required to have at least 1 preparation session, but if you would like to prepare further with additional sessions, please request.
  • These sessions can either be in person or video conference.

Integration Sessions
  • These sessions are highly recommended, but not required.
  • Integration post-experience is majorly important to ensure that every individual is able to make sense of what was experienced, ask any questions, discuss new forms of thinking, create and solidify new habits, and resolve any possible issues.
  • Integration sessions are $60 / hour.

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