The Sammy Mendoza Foundation

The Sammy Mendoza Foundation
for 5th Dimensional Healing

& Psychedelic Integration

The Future Is Now

As we move into the New Paradigm there is a dire need to discover and fund projects that will benefit the healing of our Earth and All its people.

The SMF seeks to establish a foundational source of funding and support that will enhance the ability of any visionary, organization, or technology to enter the mainstream while making these elements readily available to All. The key focus of this project is to elevate the consciousness of the collective, so that all humans may enter the 5th Dimensional New Paradigm with a focus on healing and transcendence. Healing is a key aspect of a brighter future and it will take a conglomeration of individuals, organizations, their visions, and dutiful collaboration to manifest the Utopia that inevitably lies in our near future.

This photo was captured on the Equinox this March 20, 2021

The Spring Equinox was a symbolic theme of balance, equilibrium and rebirth. This years Equinox is especially symbolic since it marks the Equilibration between Eras; the transitional point between the death of the Old Paradigm and the birth of the New Paradigm.

Our magnificent planet is a gift that has been awarded to all humans. This Earth is Heaven, as was forever intended by the Universe, but there are few amongst us who bear unlimited resources and influence with the sole intention of manifesting Hell on Earth. Globalism/Elitism is a cancerous disease that has prioritized the idea of illusory scarcity and deranged consumerism. Unfortunately, this Truth has been neglected for far too long and our marvelous home has been desecrated in sheer ignorance. Worst of all, The People are suffering and have suffered for millennia’s too long. The People of Earth have been bamboozled into surrendering the abundance that lies at every corner of the Earth. There is Infinite Abundance intended for all humans to utilize responsibly and THRIVE. It is Now time that We The People rise to retake our birth right, while the atrocities imposed upon The People and Our planet are NEVER ALLOWED TO OCCUR AGAIN.

Humans Come First

The People of this planet will forever come first. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing laughter and seeing smiling faces. We are sensory organs for the Universe. Ecstasy beyond our wildest dreams is the mission and so it forever shall be.

Earth Focused

This planet and all its inhabitants play a key role in the organism that is Earth. Sustainability and respect for Our Mother, Pachamama, is critical. The desecration of our Earth is unacceptable and shall not be tolerated for any reason.

Dedicated to Healing

The collective conscious and The People as individuals have been subjected to massive amounts of traumas that have had dire implications for their well being, their families, communities, and for the rest of the Universe.

Seeking Utopia

There is a vision that many of us have. A time where there are no worries. A place where Peace and Liberty are held with the utmost gravity. Call it a vision, a dream, an idea, but we seek to manifest The Dream into reality. Utopia awaits.